VIDEO – Globalize the Conversation



15 languages in 39 seconds!

A Presidential candidate with actual global experience, and not as an executive bureaucrat.  The message: since the whole world is affected by decisions made in D.C., everyone should be part of the discussion of who should be President.  Enough of America excluding everyone else!

English translation:
“Hello [in 4 languages]. My name is Colin Doyle, independent Presidential candidate in the 2016 election in the U.S. I’m doing this in part because the big boys don’t know well at all the rest of the world. But based on my experiences in Venezuela, Botswana, Denmark, Sierra Leone & Liberia, Denmark, and other countries, in my opinion the decisions we make in the U.S. affect the whole world. So people everywhere should be included in the conversation here. Together we can wise up! Thank you [in 4 languages].”

Languages used, in order by first appearance: Burmese, Arabic, Tamil, Finnish, Setswana, English, Spanish, French, Krio, Warao, Danish, German, Thai, Hindi, Italian. All composed by the candidate from memory.