A single post-election reflection

Let’s indulge in a single post-election post, a reflection on the result and what it may mean for the future.
Leading up to the general election, it was very clear to me that we were going to get yet another bad President, not focused on the dual priorities of environmental responsibility and nuclear abolition.  Bernie Sanders would have been a step in the right direction (FAR too slowly, but at least in the correct direction), Hillary Clinton a a continuance of the current rate of decline further into unviability, and Donald Trump a quickening of the pace into destruction.  The net effect of any of the three of them is we as a society beaching our collective ship further on a sandbar.

That said, we chose the worst of the three.  I think this was partly a lashing out from a frustrated segment of the U.S. population, and partly a thoughtful choice.  Trump’s election shows us how the entertainment industry and the alpha-male syndrome compel so much of our society.  In ways we’ve progressed in recent decades, but in ways we very glaringly haven’t.  Yes, in the end we had poor big-name choices for President — but then we always do — although this time we really screwed up.  A party that gets its votes from down-home rural workers chose a billionaire Manhattan elitist who, being a sociopath, doesn’t give a damn about those voters or anyone other than himself.  Duped.  And we all go down with you…

Oh, America.  Now we have a to-be President who, when composed, seems diplomatic and ethically driven, a go-getter who’s going to fix things through his experience and raw willpower.  But the mask is thin – Donald Trump is a poor brain in a rich suit.  He thus far has not matured past 7th grade, and being that he’s in his eight decade, I don’t expect him ever to do so.  We’ve armed a 13-year-old with chain of command over thousands of nuclear weapons.  Look out world – Johnny’s been handed the keys to the Ferrari!  Even worse, Trump has been invited into our very bloodstream, so who knows where he’ll metastasize next.  It will be a test of our governance and our country as a whole as to how we weather this voluntary hurricane.  As I said in one campaign video, maybe we should vote for Trump to hasten “the crash” and rip off the band-aid quickly.  We will see, but I would be shocked if Trump “makes America great again.”

I was surprised that America would be so dumb.  But then maybe I shouldn’t have been.  This is indeed the country that gave Dubya the White House for as long as legally possible.  Donald Trump is a joke (though he doesn’t know it), and by electing him we as a country are a joke.  And now the joke’s on us.  But wait, it gets worse…

The biggest sad/scary part of this is that the rest of the world, around 7,000,000,000 people, are downstream of the United States.  So whatever hairbrained idea Trump & Friends manage to carry out may affect (likely harm) everyone else, who had no say in it.  Global injustice that’s not even illegal.

But alas, this is what the America electoral system comes up with sometimes.  At its best it works merely “OK”, which still approaches the global high water mark for formalized central governance — that gives you an idea of how poorly the nation-state works as a system.  This brings me back again to relocalization as steps 1, 2, and 3 for how to create a healthy and resilient future for ourselves.  As the core moves toward either rotting or exploding, we serve ourselves well to be on the periphery.

My encouragement is to be wary, smart, and vocal.  And to relax at the end of the day into a bed of humor, letting the farce that is our new Asshole-in-Chief and the system & population that gave him this power strangle itself over there somewhere.  The soft and jolly chuckle of Shakespeare.  This will make a really good story…