First newsletter from the campaign – June 30

Colin Doyle for President 2016


Running a campaign for President of the United States as a small, independent candidate is not easy. Your financial (and other) support helps Colin spend less of his savings on this endeavor.


F O L L O W on F A C E B O O K
F O L L O W on T W I T T E R
F O L L O W on I N S T A G R A M

What’s the Big Idea?

…Why run for President…

I see our society as a ship on the ocean. But instead of cruising along in open waters, we’re grinding up onto a sandbar. Some individuals see this happening and are trying hard to back-paddle, but are not making a lot of headway. We need someone in the wheelhouse, turning the wheel or reversing the engines – this is what I’m offering to do, because change needs to happen from both the grassroots and the top, and quickly. Conventional candidates debate whether to run slightly to the right or slightly to the left, but either way we continue forward and beach ourselves even further, because tweaking a broken system is not sufficient.

I offer something qualitatively different from TV candidates:

  • Prioritizing life, for ourselves and the rest of the natural world, via the two critical issues of environmental responsibility & repair and complete nuclear abolition
  • Questioning the unspoken assumptions that underly American politics, such as indefinite growth as a good thing or the U.S. persisting as a 50-state polity forevermore  [see Core Questions on the website for more]
  • Focusing on long-term solutions, not the usual symptom management — for example in education, immigration, guns, and the economy
  • Stimulating conversation, not just vying to win the national popularity contest
  • Envisioning a network of relocalized and empowered villages and neighborhoods, independent and secure, with meaningful connection to the land and each other


Update on campaign action

The campaign currently consists of the candidate and light staffing on facebook, website tech, and bookkeeping.

Despite the tiny crew, there is a steady stream of new content, mainly on the website blog, the campaign facebook page, and videos on YouTube. All three outlets are linked above. Highlights include finding a crisp camera presence, low-brow exchanges with Trump supporters, and an outpouring of support from Sierra Leone.

Having a viewpoint that appears different and fresh compared to the stale TV talk is not difficult – it is merely applied common sense. The challenge is getting noticed and being invited into a self-absorbed conversation.


Gratifying moment of the month

Support from an unexpected direction

In April a group of middle-school students from southern California visited Lost Valley, the education center where I work. On the first night, as I stood next to a line of teens waiting to wash their hands, a girl perked up and said, “You’re Colin Doyle? My friend Oscar likes your campaign.” Oscar was just a little further back in line, so I inquired. It turns out he had been reading about Jill Stein and other non-Republicratic Presidential candidates online and somehow linked to my site. I still don’t know the mechanics of how it happened, but running into a random 13-year-old fan from hundreds of miles away was a serendipitous and gratifying moment.


What’s Next

The campaign will continue posting new videos, infographics, and facebook articles. But we need support to reach the campaign far beyond those who already know Colin or those reached through facebook ads. Spreading the word to those you know is very helpful (as well as donating or becoming a volunteer). And even moreso is the underlying goal of this campaign: to stimulate lively dialogue that leads to a more active democracy, no matter who wins this year’s popularity contest. Every conversation you have about leadership and substantive issues, the stronger our citizenry becomes. Go forth, and help us all Wise Up!