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Colin Doyle for President 2016

Part of a common sense global movement questioning a dysfunctional status quo and stepping up with solutions. Let's #outgrowthestatusquo!

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Goals of the campaign | Colin Doyle for President 2016

The overall project is an honest rethink of our societal direction and major change in it

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Why support Colin Doyle for President in 2016?

You are one of the millions of citizens that conventional candidates don't reach or understand

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Why does Colin Doyle suit you?

You have an international consciousness, know much about our society's downsides, are skeptical of big corporations/government, and aren't sold on the status quo

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Global Revolution | All Inclusive

I take a holistic approach to the world's problems, not from a narrow Americocentric viewpoint; this includes people of all places, ages, backgrounds, money levels, and languages

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Ethically-oriented leadership

I'm driven by conscience, not money, power, or prestige; I'm a role model living the revolution, working to be more thoughtful and responsible in this critical time

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Presidential Revolution

A global debate is going on and needs to get much louder! It's not just about the Head of State, but active democratic process that citizens lead and enforce. It's about the journey AND the destination.

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Envisioning long-term solutions

Come with me to step into what works, relocalizing as vibrant communities of support and resilience, independent and empowered, driven toward sustainability at all levels

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Let's act together to heal the planet and rescue ourselves

Embrace your boldness to push for what you see is needed and right! #letswiseup!

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Colin Doyle, 2016 Presidential Candidate, answers the most Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the point – why am I running?

Checking in honestly with myself, here is the breakdown of my reasons. I believe every candidate should state their honest, transparent reasoning for doing so, whether it sounds good on stage or not.

50% To have a President that is actually focused on the most crucial issues (environment, nuclear) and therefore gives us and the rest of the natural world a chance of avoiding progressive catastrophe. [leader]
20% To be a role model who gives a real reason for hope and inspires people in the U.S. and around the world to actively pursue what is good. [citizens]
20% To reboot the broken electoral system by stimulating active democracy and encouraging other candidates for needed change. [elections]
5% For the bold challenge. [me]
5% To feel important. [ego]

In sum, my goals are to raise awareness & democratic engagement. If elected President it’s about the journey, the discussion, the election quality and the destination; of the office in the end. A good U.S. President is about true action on crucial issues; so while this campaign must raise awareness and foster democratic engagement on a broad basis, it must also demonstrate the critical state of need as well as the existing solutions available for immediate implementation.


presidential candidate,environment, climate change,sustainability

Q: Why would I be a good President?

These are characteristics and experiences that would serve me well as President. Many of them are simultaneously distinctions between me and standard candidates who are often, for example, coming from law or politics, staunchly support the current structure of things, have not lived in very different circumstances nor worked for meaningful change in the world, and are bound to their party.  


  1. have a background in academics and well-to-do society but have evolved beyond that to more realistic and responsible ways
  2. am a straight talker who can be diplomatic
  3. do not coming from a background in law, politics, Big Business, or military
  4. have extensive experience in various cultures, living and working with regular people
  5. have a great respect for indigenous peoples and traditional/forever ways
  6. am a mental minority
  7. am unconventional; not supportive of our society’s status quo
  8. am youngish
  9. have no debt, dependents, or restrictions
  10. have necessary personality characteristics: thoughtful, articulate, think before I speak, patient, somewhat stubborn, hard-working, good willpower, even-keeled, good in an emergency, good listener, humble, intelligent, left-brained, capable
  11. am driven by ethics and a desire to do great good in the world – shown by my work history and living in a permaculture-inspired ecovillage
  12. have a long view of time and sense of historical context

  13. have experience in resource-poor situations; prepared for that in the future
  14. am low drama/BS
  15. am not part of a political party


Q: Why take me seriously as a 2016 Presidential candidate?

  • I represent a population set of millions of voters that conventional candidates don’t reach or understand. Their characteristics include being young (under 40), turned off by standard options, informed about the downsides of our history and present condition, having an international consciousness, not knee-jerked nationalist, skeptical of big corporations, don’t value money as highly as the rest of society, and jaded regarding politics and therefore don’t engage in government. This is a huge demographic that can be mobilized.
  • I speak to the whole world, most of which conventional candidates either ignore, misunderstand (Ex. synonymizing a people with their government), or view in a narrow Americocentric way (Ex. Afghanistan as only a terrorist training ground).
  • Within this country, I’m not focused only on adult English-speaking U.S. Citizens, but people of all ages and all backgrounds (Por ejemplo, me gusta hablar con jovenes en castellano).

  • I have an upright, active, and clean background, putting much of my energy to work for the change I talk about.
  • I’m thoughtful, articulate, intelligent, level-headed, and have poise – i.e. Presidential.
  • I’m driven by conscience, not thinner propulsion like money, power, and prestige.
  • I’m not playing the same game as politicians. I’m trying to transcend Goliath, not beat him.
  • I seek to stimulate discussion everywhere about leadership and what people really want in their lives. This goes much deeper than just trying to get votes. This fomenting of frank evaluation and active democracy is risky for the political class.
  • I question foundational beliefs – for example, that the way of life in the U.S. is the best way, and that indefinite economic growth is good (or even viable). I question the whole system.
  • This is the era of digital presence. I could go viral with a small fraction of the budget of big-name candidates, taking advantage of the internet as a force for information and democracy.


Q: Why don’t I run for city council or something far smaller than President of the United States?

Bold actions, perhaps even outlandish, turns heads.
  Hence me shooting for the highest office I am eligible for.  Making social waves and shaking people up doesn’t happen when a local resident runs for School Board, but does when they aim high! The less ambitious the position, the greater the tendency toward tactical strategy, casting oneself as having the right pedigree. I do NOT have the pedigree of a conventional Presidential candidate and that is the point — yes, I excelled in the educational system and am articulate, but do not come from politics, Big Business, or military. I offer something qualitatively different, a thoughtful citizen running for high office:

Time is short. In fact, time was up long ago for the Global North way of life, with such abuses toward the natural world and ourselves in the creation of a fragile and unsustainable global system. I see very clearly, based on decades of observation, experience and work in domestic and international contexts that politicians probably don’t know. Me playing local and small has benefit, hence my day job, but I should at least try to stimulate change on the broad scale where I know it is urgently needed. Otherwise, I’m selling myself and the world short.

My current quality of life is high. Trudging through decades of politics at local and state levels to possibly one day be in a position to consider a run for the White House would be so much sacrifice for so long that it may well kill my spirit. Strike while the iron is hot, not after it’s been immersed in cool water for 30 years. Many ethical and grounded people like me are so turned off by governance as it’s currently carried out that they avoid it, leaving it to less trustworthy actors. I’m willing to enter the fire for up to 8 years, but don’t seek to make a life and indefinite career of it.


Q: How this campaign is run differently from others?

I . . .

  1. am focused on core values and worldview, not specific
    hot button issues
  2. am not married to me being President (i.e. there could be someone better)
  3. don’t have the singular goal of winning the election – there are two goals, both the process (stimulating active democracy) and the destination (the first good President) – for example, if I rouse widespread thought/discussion/action but receive no votes, it will still be a success
  4. am not centered around the typical dual loci of fundraising and getting votes, but rather getting citizens to be involved
  5. am not focused on “the base” or tapping certain constituencies – don’t see the election as a popularity contest
  6. am mostly online, via website and social media – not phoning or direct mail or door knocking or running Get Out the Vote projects
  7. am not soliciting PACs
  8. will have fewer in-person events & minimal travel expenses
  9. am supportive of as many candidates as possible running, instead of trying to limit the competition
  10. have used campaign colors which are creative, not the standard red, white, and blue
  11. have a far smaller budget – minimal advertising or swag such as lawn signs
  12. am not pushy – inform voters of the candidate’s positions, instead of persuading them to support him
  13. no corporate money – donations only allowed from individuals
  14. have minimal ego involvement – Ex: URL and slogan don’t mention my name 


Not finding what you want? Reach out to me directly through the Contact page.

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