VIDEO: Think for Yo’self and Make Your Voice Heard!



If citizens are not involved in the democratic process, the results are almost guaranteed to be bad.  This is so important it’s one of the three central issues in my campaign (see the Issues page).  There are two main components to this: freethinking individuals who connect with their own head and heart for guidance; and speaking out about what direction things should go in.  Every one of us is connected to lots of people, from household to work contacts to acquaintances to old friends.  Imagine if every one of them knew how you feel about important issues like the direction of our society!  We would be on the fast track to healthy democracy (which we’re not now).

So I encourage you to turn off the TV (or close the laptop) and talk to whoever’s nearby about what you really want in yourself and your leaders.  Then send me a message listing the 3 biggest issues you see facing this society right now.  And get busy!