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Colin Doyle for President 2016

Part of a common sense global movement questioning a dysfunctional status quo and stepping up with solutions. Let's #outgrowthestatusquo!

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Goals of the campaign | Colin Doyle for President 2016

The overall project is an honest rethink of our societal direction and major change in it

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Why support Colin Doyle for President in 2016?

You are one of the millions of citizens that conventional candidates don't reach or understand

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Why does Colin Doyle suit you?

You have an international consciousness, know much about our society's downsides, are skeptical of big corporations/government, and aren't sold on the status quo

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Global Revolution | All Inclusive

I take a holistic approach to the world's problems, not from a narrow Americocentric viewpoint; this includes people of all places, ages, backgrounds, money levels, and languages

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Ethically-oriented leadership

I'm driven by conscience, not money, power, or prestige; I'm a role model living the revolution, working to be more thoughtful and responsible in this critical time

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Presidential Revolution

A global debate is going on and needs to get much louder! It's not just about the Head of State, but active democratic process that citizens lead and enforce. It's about the journey AND the destination.

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Envisioning long-term solutions

Come with me to step into what works, relocalizing as vibrant communities of support and resilience, independent and empowered, driven toward sustainability at all levels

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Let's act together to heal the planet and rescue ourselves

Embrace your boldness to push for what you see is needed and right! #letswiseup!

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Who I Am

I do not have the pedigree of a conventional Presidential candidate, and that is exactly the point. I stand for leadership, not politics, and don’t trust politicians, Big Business, or the military, based on their myriad abuses. I excelled in the educational system (with two degrees from revered institutions) but thankfully got exposed to the more real world, and have been seeing through more and more of the status quo for the the past 15 years. Having lived on four continents and traveled further afield, I gained a valuable angle from the Global South and indigenous worlds. As a result, I feel like a white man in physical appearance but not worldview.

For years now I have dedicated my energies to improvement of the world while maintaining simple quality of life for myself. This has included work in international development, environmental education with children, and now holistic sustainability work with adults in community.


I exemplify Presidential qualities such as being articulate, level-headed, and thoughtful, and offer something quantitatively different from big-money candidates — a regular citizen running for high office. I believe leadership is not reserved for elites, but is open to all of us. I urge you to join the global rattling for justice and step up in your own ways!

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